• MPB241Z-01 CMW
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MPB241Z-01 CMW

Part #: 2-MPB241Z-01

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Female caps are a cost effective solution for automated environments because the caps can be quickly changed when the face wears out. Female caps are the most economical cap because they require less copper to manufacture than male caps.

RMWA Class 2 (C18150) is a copper, chromium, zirconium material recommend for spot welding hot or cold rolled steels. It is often used for galvanized and coated material.

  • The overall length is 18.0000 MM
  • The outside diameter is 13.000 MM
  • The part mounts via a 1:10 Metric-ISO 5821 type taper which is the standard in Europe.
  • The B nose or Dome face tip is the most commonly used weldface because the design accomodates modest misalignment problems as contact can still be made on the radius during welding.
  • The weld face is 6.5 mm radius


RWMA Material Type RWMA Class 2 - C18150
RWMA Taper [T] 1:10
Nose Type B
Overall Length [A] 18.00000
Outer Diameter [B] 13.00000
Welding Face Dia. [C] 6.5 mm radius
Unit of Measure MM