Welding Caps

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pdfRW Tapers

Asian TapersThese economical, quick change resistance or spot welding caps are made of long-lasting, highly efficient CMW®28, CMW®38 and CMW®328 copper alloys, precision manufactured to exacting tolerances in a wide range of standard configurations or to your special requirements for use on CMW shanks.


pdfAsian Tapers

Asian TapersThese quick change caps are made from the same materials as the RW Taper caps, but made to fit with Asian Taper CMW shanks.



pdfISO Tapers

Asian TapersCMW Metric-ISO standard cap electrodes are made from CMW®328 copper alloy and are made in the same wide range of standard sizes, or to your own specifications.





CMW® G-CAP® electrodes simply last longer.

G-CAP® electrodes in RWMA Class 2 (CMW®3) chrome copper material are the most efficient and economical caps available to those who weld galvanized steels. This unique nose configuration produces a controlled "mushrooming" effect allowing the G-CAP® electrode to perform without the necessity of dressing. It will outlast any standard zirconium or dispersion strengthened copper cap found in today's market. This electrically efficient nose design also enables the G-CAP® electrode to be operated at a substantially lower heat setting, producing a quality nugget from the first weld.

  • No sticking: Specially designed to begin welding from the very first weld.
  • Quality Welds: G-CAP® electrode nuggets meet or exceed industry standards from the first weld through the life of the G-CAP® electrode.
  • Eliminates Brass Build-up: The ultimate RWMA CLASS 2 electrode that literally rolls the brass away.
  • Uses Less Electrical Power: Achieves superior welds at up to 25% lower power levels.
  • Increase Productivity: G-CAP® electrodes make up to 10 times more quality welds without dressing.
  • Competitively Priced: Increased cap life gives you significantly reduced cost per weld.

Important Notes:

  1. The two opposing G-CAP® electrodes must align properly. In case of misalignment, use a dome or a large radius electrode for the proper contact surface area.
  2. Determine the current which produces an acceptable weld nugget. Introduce a manual or a programmed stepper schedule that produces consistent quality weld nuggets for the life of the electrodes.
  3. The G-CAP® electrodes are available in male (prefix MGXXX) and female (prefix MPGXXX) tapers. Offset noses (MGDXXX, MPGDXXX) are available in all three electrode diameters.


pdfFIN Cap®

CMW introduces a new and revolutionary electrode called the CMW® FIN Cap™ electrode.

The CMW® FIN Cap™ electrode utilizes internal "fins" to promote operating at lower amperages which results in a significant slowdown of the "mushrooming" phenomenon. This mushrooming of the weld face diameter promotes lessening the useful life of the electrodes. By operating at lower amperages, CMW® FIN Cap™ electrodes last significantly longer than standard cap electrodes. This slow down in weld face deformation also allows the customer to reduce electrode tip dressing that is needed to maintain weld nugget quality which results in increased productivity, energy savings, and reduced cost per weld.

CMW® FIN Cap™ electrodes can also be successfully used in non-dressing applications. The CMW® FIN Cap™ electrodes are being successfully used in automotive robotic applications. Automotive plants have seen a reduction in the overall number of electrode caps used, increased number of welds in between tip dressing, lower operating currents and stepper rates. These improvements in manufacturing all contribute to overall cost savings when using the CMW® FIN Cap™ electrodes.

  • High Cost Savings: With up to 5 times the cap life customers have seen significant cost savings.
  • Long Electrode Life: Independent and internal testing has shown between 3-5 times the life when compared to standard cap electrodes.
  • Operation At Lower Amperages: Customers have been able to lower the starting current by up to 10% as well as lower the amounts of current stepping when needed.
  • Less Frequent Tip Dressing: By lowering the current and slowing the weld face deformation customers have been able to weld much longer in between tip dressing.
  • Reduction In Cost Per Weld: With fewer cap changes, longer cap life and reduction in energy usage, customers have seen a significant cost savings when using CMW® FINNCAP™ electrodes.
  • Aluminum Welding: The CMW® FIN Cap™ electrode has shown excellent results when welding aluminum in automotive applications.