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16-3775-25 CMW

Part #: 275-16-3775-25

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Non-Piloted Nut Electrodes are for welding nuts. The part has an insulated, spring loaded pilot that retracts when it makes contact with the upper electrode which prevents damage.

A refractory metal face is made of RWMA Class 11 (75% tungsten, 25% copper) (ASTM 702 C1D) is brazed onto the base material. This face is typically used for welding at higher pressure and heat common with projection welding.

  • The overall length is 3.000 IN
  • The part mounts via a 5RW standard taper which is suitable for weld forces ranging between 800 to 1500 pounds of force.
  • The weld face is 1 IN
  • The part has a spring loaded insulated pilot for welding a 1/4 nut.
  • The diameter of the pin is 0.192 IN
  • The diameter of the pilot is 0.283 IN.


Face Refractory Material RWMA Class 11 - 10W
RWMA Material Type RWMA Class 2 - C18200
Engagement to Holder [S] 5RW
Overall Length [A] 3.00000
Weld Face Diameter [B] 1
Pilot Diameter [J] 0.28300
Pin Diameter [P] 0.1920
Pilot Stickout [L] 0.3120
For Nut Size 1/4
Refractory Material Thickness [I] 0.250
Unit of Measure IN
Spring Included Yes

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